Dentist and specialist in orthodontic surgery Siri Vaslag receives referrals from dentists and dental practitioners for the examination and treatment of children and adults in need of dental braces.

Patients will receive information on bite deviation, treatment proposals, treatment costs and social security benefits. About 30% of the age group of children and adolescents has gland orthopedic treatment needs.


Orthodontic treatment is usually performed in children and adolescents where the permanent teeth are fractured or broken and the jaw still grows. When treatment can start depends on which bite fault should be corrected.

Adults can also be treated. It may take a little longer because reactions in the bones are slower.


A distinction is made between two types of apparatus; Fixed equipment and detachable equipment. In the case of fixed equipment, a control string is attached to the teeth by means of brackets that are glued to the front of the teeth. The control blocks are traditionally made of steel, but they are also available in glass ceramics.

Invisible dental control

We also offer braces on the back of the teeth and treatment with transparent rails (Aligners).


When the active treatment is completed, we make sure that the teeth stay in their new position. This is done by gluing a string to the back of the recesses and / or with a detachable plate.